Online Shopping Habits (Men vs. Women): Infographic

Online Shopping Habits

Hi everyone!  The following infographic was provided to us today courtesy of Catalin over at Ecommerce Platforms.  Please join me in welcoming Catalin to Color Me Frugal today!   In this age of messaging overload, we consume thousands of emails, social messages, articles, websites and marketing materials each and every day. However, the infographic has […]


Personal Capital Review: Free Money Management Tool

Personal Capital Review

After reading a lot about Personal Capital both on blogs and in other financial publications over the course of the last year or so, I decided that this was a service I needed to check out. I signed up for their free service a few months ago, and this is my review of Personal Capital’s […]


More Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

Back in September 2014 I wrote this post offering ideas/suggestions on three ways that my family members and I had recently saved money on medical bills.  Ten months later I still receive frequent comments, emails, and tweets about this post, so I can tell that it continues to be an issue of great concern.  And […]