Parenthood: Are You Financially Prepared?


The same day that our daughter was born this past summer, USA Today ran the following headline to its “Snapshot” on the front page of the Money section. Parental Preparedness: How Much Do You Have Set Aside for a Family Financial Emergency? What followed the headline and subheading were the results of a poll conducted […]

8 Smart Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

8 Smart Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

We all know that saving for retirement is important, right? Yet somehow in the hustle of everyday life and in the face of other financial priorities (paying off debt, buying a home, saving for college), it can take a back burner.  Sometimes just getting started (in doing anything, not just saving for retirement) can be […]

3 Ways I’ve Recently Used to Save Money on Medical Bills

Ways to Save Money on Medical Bills

  As a personal finance blogger, I have written about many ways to save money in the past. I’ve written about saving money at the veterinarian’s office, in your mailbox, and even in the shower for heaven’s sake.  However, one thing I have never written about before is how to save money on medical bills. […]

The Value of Being Neighborly

Value of Being Neighborly

  As I mentioned last week, one of our rental homes was empty for a few weeks this summer when our tenants moved out without notice and left the place a mess. So last week Mr. CMF and I got to experience the deep joy that can only come from getting to clean up a […]

Being a Landlord is a Dirty Job

Landlord is a Dirty Job

Greetings friends! I have to apologize for my rather sporadic posting schedule over the last few weeks.  Not only am I a new momma (Baby CMF is coming up on 3 months old!), but my own mother recently had surgery and moved in with us for a while as she recuperates.  She is much better […]