Money Advice I Would Give to 20 Year-Old Me (and YOU!)

Money Advice I Would Give to 20 Year-Old Me

Part of growing up is learning from our mistakes and moving forward.  By this point, at age 36, I know that.  I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes along the way (which I suppose means that I’ve also learned more lessons than most, ha!)  We rarely get “do-overs” in life, and our finances […]


How Getting Financially Real Kicked My Butt into Action

2015 Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival

Thanks to Shannon at The Heavy Purse for inviting me to be a part of the 2015 Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival!  Financial Literacy is an incredibly important topic and I feel honored to be a part of this event.  Thanks so much Shannon!  And now read on to hear about our journey to getting financially real […]


Sometimes Less $$$ = More Happiness… But Less Debt is Priceless

less $$$ = more happiness

Greetings everyone!  It has been somewhat of a difficult week here at Casa Frugal.  Aside from dealing with a nine month old baby who is teething and hating it, we have also been struggling with a big personal decision. I’ve written a lot on this blog about how one of our biggest financial goals has […]


Top 3 Money-Related Causes of Divorce

Money-Related Causes of Divorce

This week, USA Today ran a short piece (one of its “Snapshots”) on the top causes of money-related causes of divorce.  I have replicated the results for you in the pie graph below.  The article indicates that these results were obtained by surveying 1000 adults. [show-rjqc id=”4″] #1 Money-Related Cause of Divorce Taking the top […]